Only fantasy?

I knew it was a bad idea to read a chapter about Marx before my afternoon nap but please don’t ask how I ended up with the following dream happening while I was asleep for three hours:

I saw everything with the eyes of a young Polish woman. She lived in a small ground floor flat of a poor part in a small town. One day when she opened the main door from the hall to outside, she discovered a hiding place of a book. It was tucked into an extended corner next to the main door. And, of course, my dream character was just as curious as I am myself. She picked it up and it fitted in her hands perfectly. Slowly she began reading, sat on a step in front of the house and went through some of the first pages. It was written in old German and, from what I know about politics, its content was rather communistic.
The girl was not scared, although there were a dozen Nazis going in and out a corner house opposite. Her fearlessness came clear to me when I saw her sleeping with a Nazi only seconds later.
– Up from here, I see most only in snippets but I shall try putting things together. –
The next scenes are most fascinating. The following day, three men in a Nazi uniform knock on her door; they enter her small flat (for a single girl of that time and status, quite okay I would say, even if it was only one room with a bed by the door and a kitchenette) and without much words they threw a lot of boxes and bags on a table. After the men were gone, she opened some of the boxes: they contained many, many different things, a few examples I can remember very clearly are books and keys, keys with the emblem of Hitler on one side and runes running along the silvery material. I remember carefully decorated cutlery, paintings, porcelain…..
– I, personally, have never ever seen something like that of the Nazi period before in reality. I know they used runes often, also to communicate in secrecy, but such beautiful keys are new to my eyes. 
No, don’t ask how my brain invented it. –
Anyway, the last time I saw the girl was a country house in America. She was dressed as a nun, heaving the boxes and bags up the stairs.

Then I woke, but the pictures and confusion linger on.

Okay, I am German, but do I want to be a Nazi nun for that reason? Not really.
Oh, I need some pieces of my acidic pineapple after this…

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