Blown off echos

My new hobby is going well…still I guess it will never be a masterpiece. I am more with the words than with colours.
Okay even in the fifth week of the term I did not write as much as I expected from myself (two poems each week) yet the quality improves or shifts, who knows.
My thoughts become more absurd, bizarre and still settle in itself. After some discussions with the teachers I think I know what to write about in the next weeks…just the reading is bothering with some writers, and with others (like Charles Olson) it is a pure inspiration.

Beyond the writing and reading my daily life is limited to breathing (or coughing) and eating (finally some German pasta with masses of British cheese!) which is and cannot be quite the existence of a poet. But I got a light today from Amiri Baraka’s book ”Transbluesency”: ”So much so much to prepare a proper place to not exist in.”
In the coming writing week I will need to seek inspiration here, which is not so hard due to the town festival going on until Halloween (wow another freaky Saturday night for children who do not even know why they ”celebrate” the home coming of ghosts/spirits back to earth).
Cheers Angelz

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