Bluemchen, French musical and lentil soup

A whole rainy day…only the evening was so sweet with the rain drops on the window.
Hope you liked my last song. (Paso Doble also have another song ”Herz an Herz” – others know the ”latest” 90’s version of Bluemchen)
I am not getting very far in changing the world. Only reading and writing.
Got to get out somehow…maybe when the weather is better I will go to Hastings ( a historical battle field might do the trick).
Good in three weeks I’ll be in London again…I write the best crap there…and so light handed (at least while eating veggy carrot-coriander)
This Saturday I will go to La Boheme…yeah, what drives me to watch a French musical…just for a change (and it is in English, although I don’t know what to do with modern theatre)
Today I cooked lentil soup…could be enough for a national army.
So Angelz now I will carry on with my painting (I begin to like it, though this talent is so mood minded)

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