Cash coin machines vs Greek wars

The invention of cash machines at the bank are quite a step forward…that you can pay cash in is even better…paying in notes and coins… Today was my first time that I threw all my collected coins in there…and as I forgot that there was a little paper in there (can’t remember anymore I did put any paper in there)…it all fell through and did come out again where it says ”Coins Return”. So I had to repeat it all again…slowly…and with the help of the nice woman who was responsible for the customer service….a moment I felt glad I had some social contact.
I already signed out for the three days of next week when I am in Totnes. A return to a long gone past. And now that I seriously think of it, it is four to five years ago that I dreamed of this castle, the memory about four to five hundred years. Not sure what to make of all of this but I will find it up there in the hilly countryside (a four miles walk!). Going through the dreams again and again I only found the things I knew already.
The mass of dreams these days gives me headaches, and my shoulder felt like hit by an arrow – bones crushed and muscles mashed (maybe because I read some really violent fighting scenes late in the evening – Ovid’s Metamorphosis is more cruel (& sexually loaded – not overloaded, though) than one would expect from Greeks or Romans).

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