For the sake of my poetry

I do believe that silence is a natural instinct of human nature. It often may not seem this way anymore because so many of us forgot what it means to be quiet, to use the silence for hunting a deer or just create a pause in a sentence. The meaning of silence goes far beyond our daily thinking.
Just imagine how much a quiet look of someone sitting opposite you on the train can tell you…of course, it is for us to interpret fear or pleasure in a stranger’s eyes…just as easy to decipher the bible or the quran…it is not only the eyes that speak but also the complete absence of sound that makes you fantasize.

Many many years ago we have learned to speak yet we should have mastered silence first.

It takes another perspective to discover the relation between silence and music. Bluntly I shall assume that it is the same between silence and any other form of art.
I re-discovered the meaning of silence in my poetry. Silence takes a precise role, to say the unknown, the unspeakable and I have read poetry where silence created a whole bunch of blank pages…a letter dropped…or a word – a phrase… and yet spoke so loud that it told a story, a whole world beyond words or letters.
Music (without looking at a threesome of silence, melody and lyrics) and silence seem to do exactly the same. We just use another organ, our ear has got a wide range how it perceives an order of notes, varying volumes…and so the musician can play with variety…in instruments as well…maybe that shades the transition between sound and silence in different light each single time. Maybe that is the reason why music is sometimes so much more appealing to people (me as well; not only because they are too lazy to read): the variety is immense and so can speak to many more hearts.

In my eyes/ears the transition between a note over to silence can be created much smoother…a letter is harsh…it stands for itself…but a few notes can draw the finest line between those two worlds.

Music and silence are not two worlds within each other but existing next to each other in the two sides of a tuning fork…
Music is where my roots lie

I shall never forget, for the sake of my poetry!

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