French gay poets and hot chocolate without cream

So, now I take a moment off…with some good music and peppermint ice cream (Brits are crazy about it and I feel why hmmm)
Still…it definitely is time for an English revival of Surrealism.Well, my day I better dont talk about…but it finalised in watching a filming about a French gay poet’s works. His process of working was surely amazing…he also feared the drafting of a poem. Hands up who wants…
My work becomes more a mixture of Concrete Poetry and Surrealism…and I wonder each time why no one ever tried this before…maybe because the concrete could never fight the surreal yet they are not two fields that exclude each other. Like Paul Delvaux painting naked women in front of ancient Roman architecture and a train coming from somewhere (Maybe it was exactly this time travel that made him become almost hundred) This afternoon I made out with a big croissant filled with cheese and mushrooms.The best I ever had. And a hot chocolate (unfortunately without cream).
It was a tender calming of my disappointment about the earlier Careers fair. I did never expect to immediately find a job but…at least get an inspiration. I will never do something again which I dont want to do by heart.
I still have to write another twenty poems until end of January and have to come up with some topics…or a drawer where I can put them in. And I can do this only when I put myself into the poetical situations, so more visits to London and a lot more sitting in a cafe.
Just found the answer (or rather another response to the Green Day songs): Evanescence – Understanding (one should see it in a rather less love song way)

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