Friday, 31st May, 2013

After stepping out the restaurant the sun came out. Tourist flocked around entries and exits of Picadilly Circus underground station. So I walked towards Green Park (for the ones oblivious to the London map…next door to Buckingham palace)…carefully enjoying the little breeze in front of The Ritz (damn song pops into my head each single time)…one round in the park…one stop to Oxford street. The sidewalks were packed…so were shops…yes we all knew one day…I had to realize I have grown out of teeny fashion a la H&M.Out of principle I anyway bought a plain pale blue sleeveless shirt there and walked on. 
Breathing stop in Waterstones.
No psychology section? 
What do you think where I found myself instead!? 
History..kinda related I find – you can easily see why- the shelf before last…Oh, Mein Kampf…a thick edition (yeah, he had plenty of time to write in prison)…each time I hold that book I feel like I am doing something illegal, like being naughty (needless to say I enjoy this feeling)…mainly because in Germany this book is still not free for copyright (in 2015 or 2016 I believe) so there are no modern German prints of it. After “good ole” Hitler induced enough pleasure, I found a book even more promising “1000 years of annoying the French”. I liked it a lot but I only buy books online so it was added to my list, after ”Herland”, ”Thus spake Zarathustra” and Pablo Neruda’s memoirs. My balance is restored when I can read a book in bed again…I knew I am okay again…
…after I woke up with Herland next to me on Monday morning…some may now see something awkward in me sleeping next to a book which would lie the first brick work for a feministic movement , in particular writers and their open identities, beginning of the last century.
Anyway…I could not resist buying dungarees although I tried them on in a corner, not willing to queue for half an hour. A lady asked me kindly to do so in front of a mirror…its not allowed in a corner…on my particularly clever comment ”Why”, she shrugged and said ”That’s the way it is”…well, I still can’t accept certain ways when they are nonsense but hey that didn’t keep me from getting my second pair of dungarees in 25 years.
Ah I almost forgot what I went to London for…the restaurant was brilliant…lots of fun and as I am familiar with Chinese food now my senses knew what to expect. Well, you had a projector above your table which threw an interactive image on the table and with a touch pad you had to control a cursor…select and order your food right there…pretty clever.. and the dessert was yummy although there was no way to identify what flavour the ice cream selection was. Still…worth going there. Note it down for when you’re in London Angelz

*Please refrain from any secular hate messages. I am not glorifying history. I only seek out relations between fanatism and art in a historical context.

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