Life lesson 0003

The occasional signs of a distinctive life lesson are not to be overlooked: right now, it is the German caravan parking by the road side, reading on its back ”Freu dich des Lebens!” Oh, but I do…maybe not this very moment as I am on quite a few fast through trains and having nervous panic attacks.
And we shall ever wonder why there are more baby boys in times of war.
Last night I learned that I have to analyse a man’s chromosomal history to find out what sex my child will be…but I am getting ahead of nothing…here the whole scientific study.
By the way, I am not obsessed with motherhood although I am half way into ”Herland”. I only awake with the strangest stuff in my head…e.g. wondering why women above 30 give birth more to baby boys…or why my mother suddenly talked about preparing my wedding at Hever castle…ah I could not bear telling her this ”danger” is only ever present in my brother.
I am only ever dreaming of the good heart (of course, while listening to the song on high volume on the way to Canterbury town centre).
Going to London tomorrow morning for a press event, then for lunch to this restaurant. Kinda cool that I get to see a few ”different” places but I am never overflowing with excitement upfront. 

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