From nomad to no-mad

I came back from China yesterday morning, and although the trip didn’t seem to fit in at all into my life, it was brilliant. 
And if I had some energy left last night I would have told my mother while showing her the pictures ”Do you still think my job is no good?” but….well, I fell asleep at six in the evening and got up only 7 this morning.
I put the photos on my google+ site here… – they are mainly artistic shots when we visited the old town, and touristy shots when we walked through Shanghai (and gosh, the Ritz Carlton on the 58th floor was damn impressive – yessssss I bloody love my job!)
Now it’s time to get ready for the bus, going to the letting agent to sign my new contract.
And I can tell you: it is a bizarre feeling coming back from traveling the world (11 hours flight from London to Beijing – at some point you thought you actually sit in a train, then the flight from Beijing to Shanghai seemed all so short), back home for just a night and then move to another home. 
Pre-Christmas time doesn’t seem to settle  me very much…still I am not a no-mad.

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