Going all political

It may not be the most interesting thing one can read in a Sunday newspaper, still it is relevant:

Antisemitism on rise across Europe
(worst since Nazis)

There are a few very fundamental social laws hidden here.
Looking back the last few weeks, the local newspaper in Dover was full of articles about immigrants, Sudanese, Afghans, Erithraen and others flooding the port of Calais (increase from around 8000 the year before to 60,000 this year). (As usual) the French cannot deal with this issue. They cannot cope with the nearly civil war environment in their most important coastal town. Instead they decided they’ll move the UK border controls from Calais to Dover so each immigrant has to get onto a ship first, to finally get what they want: to Britain.

Well, so far for the French logic. More interesting is though that the French population is around 10% more antisemitic than the Germans. That’s not quite all, however.
I doubt everyone has a family member in Gaza, so why does this conflict affect thousands across Europe?
(AHA would prove me right) They have seen it on TV. Everyone has an opinion. Good or bad. Still nobody really having been there, they take the right to act upon what they have heard through the media.

Same happened to the immigrants: they could stay in France or Italy, but they want to move on to Britain because they heard it is so much better than anywhere else – through mouth propaganda by local (African) news or otherwise.

Now one cannot only blame the media, there is a deeply rooted social structure which led to this mess in the first place (thousands of years ago).
Since man began to settle in one place, they fought to protect their land, to protect their local community.
We still protect our land, we still protect our community, even if members of this community are living all over the world.
We may seem to be less socially connected nowadays yet old instincts die hard.
Therefore, with an increase in population and very little land remaining, antisemitism will rise even further.
And the media will have its final say.

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