Humble strategies for any detective

There were quite a few shops open on the high street and it took me five minutes and walking past ten shelves and two rows to find the sauerkraut. Quite unintentionally I bought a bar of Milka chocolate and some yummy looking cheese and pumpkin seeds crackers (I did not know the brand, I swear, but was little surprise when it said Made in Germany).

The sun comes out, light shining on half the wall opposite my kitchen window when cutting potatoes with Mozart in the background {so hard to find some proper music these days…}. While the music changes to a Haydn symphony and the potatoes start to boil, the one sausage in the pan as well, here is some advice on basic strategies for any detective:
What does it tell you when you see a man in the supermarket, roughly in his mid 40s, buying three bottles of red whine, three bottles of white, one lemon, three deodorants, and he pays £27.39?
Yes, quite simple, isn’t it? He is buying for a bachelor party. That is as far as I could care with details.

The wind hasn’t broken any more windows yet. Time for cutting the pineapple {my favourite because I can handle a sharp knife, somehow makes me look sexy in my own imagination}. As long as I do not fall in love with the pigeon underneath the roof next to my bathroom window, it’s all good.

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