In theory

This morning my thoughts are with the things and people who are long gone from my immediate environment, my grandfather, my cousins, how we used to play. Not in the usual sentiment. It all has become warm memory.

My grandfather would have never believed that I see Dover castle every morning and evening to/from the office. He probably would see me as a traitor, Vaterlandsverräter.

Even some popular folk singers in Germany are labelled as traitors, still today, as they left the GDR before the wall fell.
Welcome to reality!… at least the reality of a non-divided Germany and despite that everyone wanted union, 40 years left scars. And although it is not a long time in history it has shaped generation. Generations of Germans who adopted the Russian language at school and the cold, proud Putin decided to demonstrate in Ukraine in the last days.

I am usually not willing to comment on politics but even I see that one more word from an extremist could land us back in the 1940s.

On the train home I glance at a picture of three Russian soldiers and listen to Camel’s West Berlin.
History repeats in its own sickening way.
It makes me sad how the culture I am genetically bound to is failing to communicate.

While Anne Boleyn was beheaded, hear head thrown into the Thames and her body buried… the last Zsar family had no such luxury.
…and then somehow I ended up with cannibalism. Every species needs cannibalism. No species can be without it yet simple instinct… and it truly merges with my perceptions on the understanding of being ‘human’.

What does it really mean to be human in the world anyway!? We may be superior in some ways but we are under the same natural laws, and one of this law means we have to eat everything and anything (even members of our own species) to survive.
Now, what’s with those who always knew morals count for very little in our world – or what about the vegetarians like myself (oh, don’t you worry, I am also part of the first group).

Well, that is a good question: choice. When we cannot choose.

Be continued.
And don’t believe the truth isn’t staring me in the face every morning.

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