A Vicious Fruit Crime

Some people seriously ask me if I never tire of drawing a line between myself and others.

Actually… No.

The best comparison is probably the yellow stripe on station platforms: they keep you away from the tracks.
Often enough I dream of what it’d be like to be normal and, of course, your observation is fully correct: It is my own choice to stay a mental outsider. Everything up from this line I can’t blame society for my loneliness anymore.
Shall we move on then?

Right, the giant mango has been returned to its spot where it disappeared so ruefully two weeks ago. Let’s hope the fruit will recover from this viscous crime.

Between ‘Conan The Barbarian’ on telly and the Northern lights in Essex on page x in the Guardian, my evenings have changed. I love my new job, walking by the cliffs every morning and the view on the sea from my desk.

There is a new understanding of individualism growing in me. Being more individual does not necessarily mean I am so very different but perhaps when I am more alone I am just more like everyone else. I follow the same basic instincts like other human beings. Loneliness only deprives me of bonding (one side of my soul).

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