…just a phase

It is one of those evenings when I am glad I am still alive…reached the periphery of depression earlier…ghosts of the past sometimes chase you all together in less than five hours. I am not scared of darkness or ghosts (unfortunately there are none in my 18th century cottage and each morning I come downstairs I am disappointed with the laziness of my invisible house dwarfs), only fear itself…today was simply too much.

It is one of the evenings when I sit in front of my jigsaw puzzle, wondering what I am actually doing here and why I am obviously rather a mentor to most men and they end up married within a year of separation from me. Hmmm wasn’t there a movie oh yes, a movie about a guy who was haunted by women cause each time he was shaking their hands they got married…maybe that works for divorces as well.

Okay, now is only a phase…it passes…and we know when chocolate falls out of my hands on the kitchen floor then it is a  relatively bad phase….I’d probably fall much deeper if I did not know from earlier hours like those that it is over the next days.

In the end it is not like I want to get married…only a sense of emotional stability in truth would be appreciated…when you had a piece of heaven you want to be god at some point.

Groove Coverage – Only love

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