Mortui vivos docent

You know sometimes a short line can blow off your ego…gives you a boost until the end of this term.
We had our last seminars today and I had some more talks with the teachers.

Right now listening to some music and…had another talk my parents earlier. There is more to talk about…when I go home for Christmas. I guess, I kinda decided now that I have to go home to finally clear this…for all of us. And still their reactions surprise me…their feelings and words open a new view to me…like my brother begging me to come home.
I’ll keep thinking about all this…and you know, yesterday I did not feel so much of a change because my head was all so confuse but…today I seem to perceive the changes so much better: I finally can be with myself…I can be alone without the desperate urge to talk to someone. And I see who I really am…I do not only see a sexy woman in the mirror but I see my mysterious self (ah mysterious only to others)
Cannot really focus on drafting some poetry now…so will only listen to music…and only be with myself singing

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