strokes and warm pizza

Why I actually am always ill when I go to the theatre? Looks already like a natural law or something. On the two minutes walk to ‘The Nutcracker’ I realised that in the past months my life became very tidy…neat and clean without men, without heartaches and well, with my second cold by now. If I continue ignoring the pain in my chest I will end up as the worlds youngest stroke patient. (I already see myself holding a pen when my heart stops beating)
There is still half of a cheese pizza in my fridge hmmm yes, I learned I can warm old pizza in the microwave (though loss of quality and taste)
At home I really have to check my weight, not that I care but, I am rather happy with 60kgs..dont want to have 50 something.
Anyway, the ballet was very nice and enjoyable (rather loud for my state of mind today).
Now it is time for shower…and then the little affair with warmed pizza.
Nighty Angelz

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