Nothingness must be function

I like carpet. It keeps you warm all year round. It leaves imprints on your skin when you wear only shorts and it holds on to my long hair as if it was to weave a rug.
When you stand on it you sink in. Only ever so slightly your toes disappear and you suddenly become one with whatever lies below your home.

On the other hand, stone tiles are a flat surface. There is no sinking feeling, no wobbling with heels and no rooting. I consciously fight the feeling that stone is a dead material. I want to know more about stone because I want to give it a chance to live in my world.

I am feeling fully indifferent about laminate though.

In my dreams, I often sleep with people or animals, or plants even. In reality there are only books. Sometimes I wonder which alternative of natural function I want to escape from.

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