Oh oh massage…more more more

Wow Angelz I never felt any better than today, this grey day. Just came back from my massage and I feel like sleeping the next day. She was so nice, friendly and you could really feel well with her. The first time she applied this pressure on my shoulders and my lower back I thought I could not stand the pain anymore. But the oil was so soothing. There seemed to be a lot of blockages in my shoulder. Not sure if they are all gone now…everything feels a little numb and I feel so like half…as it was only half body massage my blood circulates so well through my upper body…but legs and feet will get their treatment next time. Decided to go for that every month now…hope it helps me to get a feeling for my body…a feeling I never had though it is so nice.
Guess it is time for a nap now…so knocked out. Cheerz

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