On creation

A lot of what inspires creation as an artist, also inspires creation for life, and
this is not just the hunger and lust when you sense the intimacy of art, and ego.

In a space

contrasts, all duality creates tension; stress

and strain, ultimately, builds pressure so great bursting the norm.

This tension is a big bang moment [quite literally]

to create
erupt into

life, a story without someone who tells;

thus, then you have an essence, an element to work with – whether you pretend to be a spirit without body, become a storyteller or choose to remain nameless.

As artists, the creative process can shape individuals either of two ways.
I ] strength within the norm – where you create your own tension, very orderly
II ] delusional in chaos – where you float with the tensions created by others or circumstantial

Black and white {monochrome} create, by nature perceived as opposites, a tension… but remember, flat colours do not contribute enough for the sake of anecdotes (unless you expect your audience to be wildly imaginative). The story lies in the depth of either side, how you present [and re-present] their essence, what binds them, must ultimately incline them.

When a story {told} becomes part of one’s soul.

I have been asked many times – and have seen other artists being asked far too often wistfully – why they choose black and white as their form of expression. This is your answer.

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