What it means to be a true muse

Then the artist is not only driven by outside forces, contrary, to
internal currents slowly drifting. It is thus a fundamental principle of human nature that
each part of us makes a whole {logically}, none could be isolated.

each with individual intentions – raw and wholly unethical…
neither could the creative, sorely connected with our sensual instincts,
ever exist on its own.

co-independencies have long been persecuted | our lovers slain
time and time again for their explorations, must (for ever how) integrate with the creative process

Perhaps | that is the difference between a muse and a lady of the more professional trades [grace contrary to impulse]

“A true muse is entirely conscious of the thin veil between sensual passions and the creative, to permit flow between both sides, still never confine nor separate either.”

[From Diaries of a muse in waiting]

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