Remember words beyond their pain

Good Evening Angelz
The past days really gave me toothache…
well, my birthday was just like any other day with headaches and frustrations. The flowers my mum sent to me I could pick up only a day later…so no true surprise…the real surprises came by some calls.
Anyway, a paracetamol saved my mood in the end and I could have a normal second talk with my mum (which obviously cheered her up). From all the cards and everything I got, the least nicest card made me cry…it was the one coming with the flowers where my mum successfully tried her English and wrote ”We love you”…isn’t it a bit too badly ironic that only in English these words can make me cry or that my parents write it now but in English…maybe cause I never heard them in German anyway.
Oh just found another version of Nacht voll Schatten…it is by Kontrast…kinda interesting to hear it interpreted by guys.
Anyways, today I handed my assignments in…felt weird giving my poetry away…into the hands of the secretary of the English office. I wondered if she knew what she was holding…if she would have said the same like the nurse at the dentist practice: ”Oh then you will be famous one day.” Well, I didnt think of it this moment (who would think of fame in a dentist practice) but now that you mention it, sure, why not……maybe that’s why I got the most painful filling in my life, to remember her words even now. We should remember words beyond their pain.
I suppose for tonight I said enough and let some music do the rest.

Tonight’s music advice: Dio – Holy Diver
or for the people who like something less heavy: Go West – We close our eyes

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