The mentor

The night when he broke out, jumping from the high bridge into the cold shallow water, was clear but still sprinkled with clouds covering only the stars. The viewpoint changed and I felt the not so fine sand under his feet and how deep his hands sunk into it. The water gets deeper the farther he swims. He will not get caught because they are my feet moving for his life, for getting his life back. Although death would have been a relief compared to what he just left behind. He was innocent. Always. The punishment he anyway enjoyed a little bit, after so many years.
When we reached the shore again…our spirits separated again. I were a woman and he was just a man in the end of his twenties without hope. Maybe that is why he wanted me to stay with him, we argued in the big hall of a ruin. I cant figure out what room it once has been but I do feel how my spirit separates from this womanly body once more and a gray haired man leading me to a place upwards, to a tiny shaky stone sill. It took him two seconds more than me to reach the sill, softly carrying a white tiger baby in his arms. I told him I worried the sill might break, it might cost our life to climb up here. He was so convinced it will not break and with every word he spoke the sill became more stable (as stable as a ruin can be)
Then we sat there and watched me and the prisoner arguing about things that even then I knew were unnecessary nonsense. My spirit didn’t really care anymore and the man with a little longer gray hair perfectly fitting his little round face knew I had to leave. He did not show me the way out but he shoved the white tiger baby into my hands, gesturing me I shall take the tiger with me. No problem but it surely worried me I had to leave the man behind, still I knew he could not go anywhere. Like a mentor sending his student out into the world, he pointed to a hole in the wall. With the quiet baby in my arms I walked through the hole, reaching another tiny room with little windows in it. I looked around for a possible exit. As I could not find any, I looked out of the window and watched myself running across the yard, with the tiger in my arms. My spirit then looked again for the exit and found a heavy iron door leading me into a tunnel: the way out.

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