Scheme of Saturday

I am up with the first traffic noise and can’t wait to see the city buzzing. A minute ago I still stood on the beach with only fire light and now making tea in a peculiar way: I didn’t notice the tea bag was missing; sugar with hot water, fair enough.

Actually, I was by the sea all night. In a two o’clock dream I made lunch in a perfectly modern studio flat (more like newly built beach huts) with the cats by my side: one white on my left, black on my right (sorry a moment to catch myself, Lucky) and just naturally I glance out the windows to see young men walk by. They turn round laughing at each other, carefree. Everything so pure and filled with something.

I know the dream is an afterthought to my Friday morning philosophy. A song from snow white in my head and for my essential dress-down day on the last Friday in the month I chose white and green. My own anti-black movement for every office environment.
As I looked at myself in the mirror: You look like a nurse. Why interior designers choose white for walls and clothes in a hospital? I tell you, it’s so patients get lost in the other. With colours they’d have to fight certain emotions; black makes you look inward, it brings your inside out (you might as well put mirrors on the wall). White is the illusion people long for because it protects the unknown.

While the sun dries my tears on the bus I listen to ‘Eye in sky’ over and over again.
I shall leave the paradigm to you what Lucky meant to me in respect of this colour scheme.

Did you know that the ‘House of the rising sun’ was originally a pub!?

Saturday ends quietly. I made a solid choice for new books to read:
The Silence of Animals (John Gray)
One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich (Alesandr Solzhinitsyn)
The Myth of Sisyphus (Camus)
Pnin (Vladimir Nabokov)
And lastly, Let’s explore diabetes with owls (David Sedaris)


  1. There is no peace in art. Art ''describes'' conflicts in life (physical or mental).
    Art hundred years ago would show quiet scenery but there the conflict was between the canvas and society. In modern art the conflict is almost to be found more on the canvas itself.

  2. Anonymous

    One. I know colors. I should know.
    Color is a psychological factor in life. The color red. It is a very excitable color.
    Prisons will not use any kind of bright exciting colors on the indoor walls. … Because of the way color affects the human psyche.
    Do some research.
    So therefore I still say if society was color blind we would not have so much aggression.
    Although mere words can tick people off
    Too, ain't that right.

  3. You wrongly assume that people only ever see red. They dont. And even if they were colour blind (not perceiving any colour) there still would be aggression, for the simply reason that, whatever the reason for aggression may be,the cause lies in social patterns.

  4. Anonymous

    I was citing an example when I wrote of the color red. It was not an assumption.
    Again, do your research. Colors are used very extensively in advertising. To excite and move people.
    Now sociologically, people are just morons. That's why we have aggression.

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