The serious fear of pregnancy and menopause

Well, on the search for the cause of my hormonal changes I did not get much farther. I refuse to go to my GP again. I am tired of doctors who believe I have acne.

As you do on a bus ride, you may list all your symptoms: breast pain, itchy skin, racing heart (more and more often) for no obvious reason, sleeplessness, tiredness, occasional dizziness.
There are only a few hormonal based causes. One of them is pregnancy, and the other menopause. I am too young for either of them (but then I am obviously not too young for grey hair…). Still I panicked.
Before I have more sleepless nights the bleeding set in today. Very mysterious. Perhaps I do not need to know exactly what it is as long as it does not go beyond scratching my head every five minutes.

Now: white chocolate!

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