Sunny sea side stench

After a desperate inspiration to clean my window frames, I went on a little trip to Margate, via Ramsgate, to the art gallery.

Shop windows pose a fascination to almost everyone…
to imagine what we could posses.

I only go window shopping because my imagination craves for training. 

Dare we go for a hypothesis? – We desire far more what we know we cannot posses.

David Delamare – amazing how 1000 pieces come together by perception

Margate still has this sunny sea side stench with mist approximately twenty three yards above the ground.
It feels good to leave it behind again…only for an exhibition of visual poetry I felt compelled to enter a long left zone.
It was worth the thought wrinkles on my forehead.

When the bus went around the corner to the hospital, I only closed my eyes after the first sign: Mental Health Unit. I kept them shut until we reached the main road again.

With the music of the 80s in my blood, the 90s in my ears and the new millennium in my heart, I have never seen a club or disco from the inside, and even today I don’t know how people can let go in a dance knowing their world falls ever more apart. 

With Alexandra Stan’s Lemonade on the bus, I fantasize. Dance only happens in my head…or there where I know I can be fully free without my movements to be expected.

”You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.” (Nietzsche)

Soon enough the sun set over the sailing history of both coastal towns and my heart felt more at ease when I could watch the gravestones through my own immaculate windows go darker.

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