How I arrived, after watching Ghostbusters later in the evening, at thinking about ghost-writers, only the souls closest to my brain are aware of. I do not mean the people who do all the hard work although they know they will never receive praise for it…
No, what I mean is…how a writer sees him/herself in perspective of life. Is (s)he always a shadowy figure – a ghost – basically making life a story itself.
Whereas I was convinced, as a teenager, I would rather watch everyone, be as descriptive and analytical as my math book, untouched, because nothing that touches me could affect my writing.
Now my hypocritical oath to adulthood tells me a writer’s modern role has changed towards a more engaging position, the interaction between rivers and reed.
However, just like with many aspects in life…
Time influences the movement of minorities, in particular in art, most of us artists are still bound to tradition, whether Georgian or Victorian.

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