The face

Good afternoon Angelz
Look what strange face watched me from my window when I woke up this morning:
Today was….today is grey and it just started snowing heavily.
I walked around town with my mum. Everything looked so dead. The purpose of our walk was different than I planned, I didnt get a new sim card for my phone (right now am using my brothers sim and well, lots of freak boys are sending sms and calling) but I got to talk to my mum for some minutes. I still cannot quite get into understanding why the hell I must be the teacher of my own parents…I always were and will be…I suppose I will never have a child-parents relationship with them…it simply was not meant to be.
I noticed that Gonzo and Tapanga are very sensitive with her senses, just like me. They smell very well and their ears react different to Lucifer’s ears. Interesting to watch…
I got all ingredients for my Metaxasauce (peppers, Metaxa, onions, garlic and cream) and will cook it in a bit, leave it in the fridge and have it tomorrow with pasta for lunch (mmmmmmmm yummy)

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