The red dragon queen

Hairdressers of a small town got certain advantages, like, they are a lot nicer and appreciate every coincidence, like three small dogs coming in just like that…by the way, the dogs were dressed in some cute striped winter suits.
I am anyway not so talkative with her but the only time she talked to me was when she told me that her neighbor, in his 60s, became father. (Jaja destiny I got your wink, thankz for reminding me!)
I got so tired when she put the warming lamp over my head because she still had to put the colour on my mother’s hair…
I left before my mum was finished…and it took ten full minutes until my father heard the bell to open the door (just for the record: it is minus 5 degrees!).
Ah, still tired but the hair looks too good to just lay it down on a cushion.

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