The hard way

My thoughts are strangely focused in the morning…and on the bus ride back home they are all muddled up…specially when I have no journal with me. A rare occasion indeed, yet yesterday my water bottle had the idea to flood my bag. So, even this journal has water stains (on Friday last week I bought three more of the same style – should keep me writing for the coming three years), by now all my nine journals written have water stains (or sun cream, I swear that was really nasty!)
…without the slightest direction I sometimes believe that cars should have top windows so we can look in from the bus.

Then there was too much focus in the morning ride…hence the unsent text message to him:

I remember everything.
The smell of your vomit.
The fresh scent of your hair when we were both in shower.
How your skin reeks of two weeks old booze. 
Even now I know exactly when you were drinking, when you are sob…
[then the bus came around the corner]

Congrats. I suppose you made me a woman!

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  1. Anonymous

    Hahaha..i like your arrogance,the way you structure your anger, even your cynical way of approaching things. I am a huge fan of your blog! Keep up the good work and send the boozer to Hell (if he ain't there already 😉 )

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