The wall

It sometimes so happens that we can’t find an image or the mould for our fate to be executed.
Then everything stands still, in a sudden ecstasy nothing moves, nothing invigorated with energy or passion.
What do you do?
There are a few options, like breaking out with force and great risk, or dropping your head, or you wait.
Grab a chair, a cup of Yorkshire brew and wait.

I should have read Marx long ago, also, for one, to understand the suppression of the workforce, and two, to get a grip of the fundamentals of power as an entity.

Neither knowledge is currently present in my head and therefore I miss out on victories in social warfare.
But as so often, the good stuff you cannot learn from books, instead it comes from realizations at six in the morning.

And it makes up for the wildest stories of people without knowledge but an ego greater than mine.

A penny for your thoughts, or should it be a wall?

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