Two Pioneers?

On this truly glorious thundery day creativity finds a new output in the media.

Let’s look at the more interesting ones:

You must wonder sometimes what people perceive as art. Does it have a meaning? Does it have to have a meaning during the creation process, or is it what the world makes of it at a later stage.

No matter. When it is part of science, we take it and make an exhibition out of it. So surely the idea of London’s Science Museum.
With the first picture drawn in space you are reminded of what kids draw in kids club while their parents are having a drink somewhere. And by no means could gravity (or the lack of it) be an excuse.
Interesting enough: the pencils were specifically adapted for space (they mean threads and a wristband).
Lucky for us, Russian cosmonauts had a little bit more talent than just spending their time with pen and paper. And so the exhibition features pioneering dogs, space toilets, survival kits and voodoo dolls.
For all the other jolly bits I might go along.

And, finally, back to what we usually prefer at a distance…an artist couple quite new to me but nonetheless the work reminds me vaguely of Cindy Sherman.
Yes, yes not for those with a weak stomach’s art, after all!

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