The year of the cat, ever coming back

Why I always go shopping when it is stormy?…
I woke up having the urge to listening to Moonlight Shadow…and when I left my room to go for shopping the strong visions almost made me break down. Sometimes I feel you control my playlist…you know exactly what my mood is like in this moment and then you play the next song going along with my next thought (maybe part of my secret agency fantasy)
It started yesterday…when I listened to some songs again and…I drifted into dreams of you…once again…
*kinder chocolate break
I realize the reason why I feel so lucky I’m single right now…because…I am just not able to love anyone else but you…five and a half years is a long time…and even though you believe you let me go, we chain each other in some way…not only with baby talk once…(Don’t get me wrong…)
However, my mother’s funny face was priceless yesterday when I told her I know she is accepted for the exchange program with an American school (an American student will come to her living there for a month in June, and then my mum goes to America for some weeks in October); what I answered when she asked why I know about it? ”Just a feeling” but actually…I dreamed of it…it was a compact dream…one scene of a guy laughing with my parents in Germany and the next I saw my mother in America…and what is not certain yet…and I am not sure about it…I were in America too…never wanted to go there again…though you never know what happens…by the way, she got the acceptance letter yesterday.
Hmm I guess that is about it for today…

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