The mix of grey, blue and white in the sky reminds me of late German summer evenings.

My head is heavy from writing CVs and job applications and maybe that is why I am weak enough to let myself drop into memories of my grandfather….or it is simply because I remembered that my mother told me only yesterday that my grandmother is in a psychiatric hospital already for the last three weeks. 
Nobody would have ever believed that she would be able to actually attack a nurse, run from the hospital at first place until my mother applied for a sheet of paper from the judge to lock her up.

Perhaps, if  my grandfather hadn’t died so early, she would have found a reason to fight the dementia, she would have died a more…honoured death, than somewhere in a white room. 

I don’t wear glasses and thats why I cannot see the sharp lines but then the colours of the sky have always been watercolours to me.

I ran out of chocolate, that’s all.

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