Why rain & thunder can make you intimately violent…

Three weeks ago I walked barefoot in the rain.
Then two weeks ago a beggar, who never asked for anything, walks gently up to me singing “The most beautiful girl”.

The next morning I could see him lying in front of a shop and his tattooed face had aged. Sincerity had made him vulnerable. Still I was glad he chose to sleep on the red and white chequered tiled floor rather than on concrete anywhere else.

Sometimes I would see him sit with the young boy, who goes around picking up rubbish for a living, on a bench in the small park by the church. Two generations apart, they don’t talk much but they share this one thing nobody wants to talk about.

Yesterday, I did not wait for the rain, it just happened, with thunder it put my instincts into perspective.
Since then, I am waiting.


  1. Anonymous

    Of course not your majesty. Your kind never do. What else do you do for fun? Go around kicking puppy dogs? You know what else is fun?
    Walk up to the homeless man and string him along.

  2. Anonymous

    Right. Your high and mightiness. Don't interact with the peasants. Just observe their sad plight, and giggle and snicker to yourself, on how good you have it. You have. … They don't.
    You must feel real proud of yourself.

  3. Anonymous

    You and…. them…. don't scare me or those who are like me. In other words don't under estimate the common man.
    You and your like. .. Those with money and power come and go.
    You of all people should know that, queeny.
    We have determination, and staying power. Something money cannot purchase.

  4. Anonymous

    I Just had to write on this one. After all it is a public forum. Interesting conversation and topic. I wonder: as I'm on the verge of becoming homeless myself, would you talk to me If you seen me in the street? Also I find it funny you being entitled, "your majesty". Haha. Like I said very interesting conversation here.