World lost interest in challenges – I only want controlable challenges

Looking for a new challenging puzzle in a baby shop (!?!) I found puzzle with the pictures of Valdimir Kush. Due to copyright reasons I better dont put pictures here, so just google him and you’ll find a vast choice of his surrealistic works.
And maybe I find one of the paintings appealing enough to take it as a laptop skin for my new laptop coming end of July.
Today the weather is cooler and we finished work at 12 am already. And as I have an appointment with my dermatologist again (at 4:30 – my usual afternoon sleeping time), I try to stay in library again. Looking for a cheap, challenging puzzle online. The wide choice of 1000 piece puzzles tells me how boring the mob is: it sticks to the 1000 pieces and has no interest in going further…for more pieces.

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