Do you really think you know what it’s like having a …. day

Okay, do allow me a couple of tears after that last night and this morning.
It started one in the morning when my fire alarm started beeping every thirty seconds. I really had to get the ladder, somehow remove it from its holding and remove it from the power plug (it could not have been a simply battery fire alarm, no, and luckily plastic is not an electricity transmitter). After I had done that the carbon monoxide alarm went off beeping. I replaced the battery for that and to close the night at half past two in the morning I turned the light off in the living room and a bulb blew.

And, as if that is not enough to make a miserable hot day, a company I had another interview with excused their decision with: You are more of a writer than a translator.

It couldn’t have been much closer to the truth but at least I tried pretending.

Back to grounds zero. Perhaps it shows the situation in a bit of a more neutral light.

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