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I do not know why she did not finally arrange herself with the thought I do not want to come back home. Instead she wants me back for every nonsense event and even for a few days before leaving for England she argues. Maybe I am also a little stubborn but I do not see the point wasting my time at a place which gives nothing to me. During that time I could work. And I stopped being a plan freak…three days shall be enough of vivid preparation for quitting old life and get into new.
Since this week I arranged myself with the thought of living in England. She could not break my excitement fully. Even all the other bothering preparations do not bother me.
But all the noise about football does definitely.
Today was so boring. I slept a lot, didnt even want to write another motivation letter for another application.
Well, time for fried eggs and veggy sausages with ketchup and curry.

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