I don’t intend to be a cow (or a sheep even)

Until late I sit on my window sill..with the grandeur of Rapunzel….listening to the radio…sometimes singing, sometimes reading..always watching the souls passing by down there…the red taxi just passed for the second time this evening….earlier I saw my neighbour pulling his car into the garage…he greeted me by slowing waving his hand…the absence of a smile on his face irritated me a little, I waved back…quicker though.
Occasionally, when I watch the light fading from the sky I remember the dream two weeks ago…of a man – a librarian – ”floating” in front of my window…asking why…”why are you doing this to me?”…in the dream I ran after him much too late…chances somehow pass by me like flying sheep in front of a cow.

Follow the sheep or let it come back? 
Observation: Modern sheep always expect you to follow them somehow.

Listening…Gargabe – Why do you love me (good sleeping song, huh?)

I shall go to sleep now although I am not tired yet..for tonight I had enough of the turn-on illusion of being watched by some mysterious stranger…..

Now I just want to dream of the day when I do not feel the pain anymore.

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