Only a woman

I did not even call my parents when I came back yesterday…didnt wanna talk to them…
Feeling a little dizzy…Mustafa has gone away for long weekend today…he gave me his tv but nothing could be a substitute for him ever. Also the good weather could not make me go out of my room tomorrow (national holiday – even more boring and tomorrow I have to write a letter…that I quit the rent for my room in Oldenburg ). Sometimes he is the only reason I actually move myself.
I do not know how I could live without being close to him for a week.

I know I shouldnt get glued to him like crazy…just because I believe the next three months should be more intensive than ever…in fact, it is not the time we live for but the relationship. Hmmm a little divided inside. The seriousness of this relationship is amazing.
Just uploaded the pictures of the travel into my webalbum and some pictures are really beautiful, in particular the ones of the flowers.Today they show the Sex and the city movie on TV…will watch that first today and the second movie next week in cinema…the trailer was promising (I am only a woman – how could I resist that movie!?)

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