Penny clouds

You could have told me earlier, honestly…it seems so obvious now.
The penny drops slowly in the right direction. 
Although I still shut my eyes from seeing it…I begin to see that I cannot have a perfect love and I cannot have the man I loved so very much (for a dozen reasons).
I begin to understand that this is a rule of life: You cannot have everything.
Love is very much included by this rule.

That is why so many men…actually give up…they give up finding a way around that rule. They give up faith in true love…in a realistic strong emotion to be lived, not only dreamed.

Only time will tell if I am capable to actually do the same like others. At the moment I am not willing to.

Only knowing that I am much better than a living creature actually deserves saves me from that.

What most people don’t know about the fog in England is that it comes rapidly, mostly by the sea and it is a veil of lowered clouds that are too heavy to rise.

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