”Writers write about things like that” (Imperial Bedrooms)

When we see someone crying we are reminded of our own present weaknesses.
We do not like to be reminded of this.
Honestly, I really try hard; no one can accuse of me of not trying. Just the success is still awaited (by me) – a general comment.
Maybe I wait too eagerly for my reward that I forgot to keep on working.
Today there are more clouds out there; the air cooled down ten degrees.

My allergy test did not bring any results (as expected), although a different test sometimes has a different result. So again I got creme for the red spot on my neck. The consistency of the creme is different this time…it is white (and not transparent), it’s stronger and less oily. I only do this because it started being itchy; for the rest (the aestetics) I like to be scared by an unknown power (in medical terms probably a bacteria – even the doc doesnt know what it is).
With the sun, attractive people flee from their holes like rats that are fumigated by foresters.

There is an ad on tv that made me think a lot, in fact it is only one sequence of the ad: a woman (I guess French) says: ”Malerei beginnt wenn Worte enden” (painting begins when words end)
We all know (I hope so at least) that words end: because words have a certain amount of letters, and these letters rowed together make a meaning and, of course, it seems like every letter conveying the meaning sets an additional limit. A limit to the meaning. Sometimes we find in a dictionary one full page explaining hundred meanings of one word. An expanded limit.
Actually, that I think of it now, there are only very few words that have only one meaning.
However, painting begins much earlier…already with words…mostly it even emerges from words…how else it would be possible to discuss a painting then, when there would not be any words available for understanding.
Hmmm I guess I take this too literally now.

See beyond everything

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